We have one goal: to remanufacture used or defective fans, in order to get them in mint condition, both optical and functional. We strive to achieve this goal every day, with help of a small and highly specialized team. We are based in Malden (near Nijmegen, the Netherlands).

We don’t just repair, we remanufacture

When you only repair a defective fan, it is a matter of time before the next defect occurs. This won’t happen when we remanufacture a fan. During remanufacturing, all the wear-sensitive parts are replaced, defective or not. The result is a fan in mint condition, both optical and functional. This is a big money saver. Naturally, we prove our quality by means of a full three years warranty on fans that are remanufactured by us.


Remanufacturing is the perfect alternative for new purchase. Not only does remanufacturing reduce costs significantly, it also contributes to a better environment, without a compromise on quality and durability. Here are some good reasons to let us remanufacture your fans:

Remanufacturing gives you a fan in mint condition.

We don’t just replace defective parts of a fan; we also replace all the wear-sensitive parts. This will certainly get every remanufactured fan in a perfect, in mint condition.

With remanufacturing, purchasing new fans is hardly necessary.

Our remanufacturing processes are well developed. Our average successful remanufacturing yield is almost 100 percent of all the fans we receive. Remanufacturing is a money and environment saving business.

We keep it simple: no cure, no pay.

Though sometimes remanufacturing a fan isn’t possible anymore due to the amount of wear or damage, we do understand that you don’t want to get charged for a fan that can’t be remanufactured anymore. That’s why we keep it simple: no cure, no pay.

We like doing business in the efficient way.

We will never keep you waiting. Our average turn-around time is less than five working days. Remanufacturing selected fans with priority or rush jobs are possible

No logistic concerns.

We understand that you don’t want to worry about logistics. That’s why we are more than willing to take over all your logistical concerns regarding the remanufacturing process. We can manage your inventory and we are able to deliver an order, whenever you are in need of fans.

Remanufacturing contributes to a better environment.

Many of the fans we remanufacture would otherwise just have been thrown away. By giving these fans a second life we avoid all of these defective fans ending up in the environment. Therefor remanufacturing is highly contributing to a better environment.

  • Learn more about the benefits of remanufacturing and how we work? Please contact us. We explain you the possibilities.

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Clear communication about what we do and how we work helps both you and us. That’s why we guarantee the following statements:

We are the affordable alternative.

Purchasing new fans is very expensive, but so are the working hours of your mechanics. In order to make remanufacturing a truly interesting alternative, we guarantee the best possible quality and competitive prices.

Experience is our second name.

Nothing lied about that; many companies across Europe are already relying on our services for many years. Naturally all our employees have had all the proper education and knowledge and are well experienced.

We like clear contact..

What you see is what you get, and what we say is what we do. We are a small, flexible company. That’s why we can act quickly, no matter what remanufacturing process or delivery has to be done.

You’ll get your fans back in no time.

There is no need to wait for weeks or even months. We’re fast workers: remanufactured fans return within 5 working days after receiving.

Three years warranty is standard.

We believe in the quality of our work. That’s why we don’t hesitate to give you a full three years warranty on a remanufactured fan.

We can be invisible.

We understand that your customer base is very valuable. That’s why using your company name and logo on packaging or a white label is possible if requested.


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